About Make-A-Page
Make-A-Page™ is one of many exciting tools offered by Autoxloo Dealer Management System that is changing the way dealers market and brand themselves on a daily basis.

Autoxloo patented Make-A-Page™ technology offers the flexibility to make changes to the building Blocks (widgets) of your website any time of the day without the need to having a programmer change your settings. You are enabled to change the layout, color, CSS, content and over 100 existing widgets to strategically display your sales specials and inventory. Changes are made in real time with very little need for technical skills. You will save time and avoid the aggravation of waiting days or even weeks for your webmaster to update your website.

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Let's look at the advantages of Make-A-Page:
  • No HTML coding is required, you don't need any web experience
  • Interact more with new and existing customers
  • Instant dynamic changes to your website
  • Create website with multiple pages and easily manage them
  • Plenty of nifty widgets that will come in handy
  • Application installs are just a click away
  • Wide variety of professional-looking, customizable templates
  • SEO compliant, which is critical to your online success
Seem too good to be true? Could be but it works. You'll never know unless you try it and see.
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