Car Listings & Datafeeds

Car Listings & Datafeeds
List your vehicles safely
Motorxloo designed its technology, services and support to deliver superior inventory data and vehicle images, management and online publishing. Online Vehicle Listing Services allow our clients to list online to popular sites including Craigslist, eBay, AutoTrader and many others.This service can fit any budget. Monthly pricing will allow customer to calculate expenditures. Per vehicle price will help customer to choose certain car.
  • Lead conversion on the Internet changes everything you thought you knew about selling cars
  • Unlimited potential in listing vehicles locally, nationally and even internationally
  • Leverage the Internet to help you sell more cars
Car Listings & Datafeeds
Offering innovative and affordable marketing solutions for dealerships
Motorxloo Car Listings
  • MORE leads with less marketing dollars
  • MORE sales with less effort
  • MORE vehicle listings for less money
  • MORE Internet marketing and less classified ads
  • MORE visibility of your dealership and less tire kickers
80% of people looking to purchase a vehicle begin their search online.
The Internet is the most important and underutilized sales channel available to dealerships!
International Vehicle
International Vehicle Listing can be complex, it has to be done right. Our professional team will guide you if you are truly looking for quality service designed to add value to your dealership and save money.Selling internationally in many ways is easier than selling a car locally (in most cases there is less paperwork). See for yourself what so many of our customers already know, that advertising cars, trucks and SUV's overseas is just as important and in some cases more important than advertising locally. Reach customers anywhere, maximize business opportunities. It's time to become international.
Trends Favor International Vehicle Sales
  • Online vehicle listing on international sites
  • Full language translation for dealer website
  • Phone and email support for leads from internet vehicle listing

Sell Vehicle on International Markets
  • International Commerce increases Year to Year
  • Favorable Exchange Rates
  • Technology Simplifies Transactions
  • Favorable Demand for certain Make/Models in other Markets
  • Disposable Income Increasing in developing countries
Car Listings & Datafeeds
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