360VIR™ Exterior Spin With Tagging

360-Degree Interactive Vehicle Inspection Report™

Get your car shoppers engaged and move them from doubt to certainty with the 360VIR™ feature! Easily add 360 panoramic vehicle presentations with interactive embedded hotspots capturing every detail or damage to build trust and sell more.

360VIR™ Features:

  • 360 Panoramic Vehicle View
  • Clickable Hotspots & Damage Tagging
  • Add Photos and Videos to Tags and Damages
  • Intuitive Interface and Hints for Fast 360s Creation
  • Transform Static VDPs Into Interactive Experiences

360-Degree Panoramic View

A single 360 walk-around view is worth more than a thousand regular images while taking much less time to create and upload for you. Just pick a vehicle to which you want to add a 360, go to the ‘Images’ tab within a VIR™ module, click the 360° icon and you are ready to go!

Set the needed walk-around duration (16-60 seconds), tap to start recording and follow the user-friendly instructions. A video stabilization ensures a smooth recording even at fast walking speed.


Add clickable tags that will elaborate on the vehicle history and visually highlight key details. Just tap on any vehicle part or place, add a comment to a tag, attach photos and video to enhance the viewing experience and interactions with your inventory.

Damage Tagging

Clearly tag vehicle damages, add close-up images and relate the damage to a corresponding vehicle part specifying the damage type, severity, description, and recommended actions. Instantly calculate the Estimated Repair Cost.

Easily capture high-quality panoramic shots with 360VIR™, highlight features and disclose damages to build buyers confidence and sell more vehicles online.

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