Customer Relationship Management

Relationship Management
The Motorxloo CRM is user friendly and has a systematic GUI which can easily adapt and provide simplified workflow logic. It can function both independently or integrate with existing business processes and moreover Motorxloo Dealer Management System (DMS)
Customer Relationship Management

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Here at MotorXloo we know what it takes to build a complete advertising campaign that encompasses the entire lifecycle of a lead from generation to conversion and beyond.
If you have any questions regarding some of our products or managed services, please give us a call and someone of our account specialists will be happy to assist you!
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Latest news! More amazing features from Motorxloo: Call Management, eMail and SMS marketing, Lead distribution. With our integration in CRM and Lead distribution set the way how leads are being distributed, managed and how they are being followed up.

CRM with Phone, SMS, Email and Live Chat Integration

Using Call Management, you can record every call as well as track information such as what number was dialed, when exactly it was dialed, the duration of the call etc inside the CRM. You can collect your phone calls' metrics to monitor their effectiveness and optimize marketing. Choose any convenient strategy: Basic, Round Robin, Cyclical or Simultaneous. Control the phone conversation from your computer screen: accept incoming and outgoing calls.

Set up Voicemail features and forwarding when all employees are busy. Without mentioning the Speech-To-Text feature, which allows you to bring better user experience. The resulting text and audio are stored in CRM and can be viewed by anyone who is engaged.
Customer Relationship Management

The most reliable phone system on the market:

  • - Efficient Call Queue
  • - Personalized Caller Experience
  • - Complete Customer History
  • - Secure Call Recording
  • - Smart Call Routing
  • - Convenient Call Screening
  • - Customized Voicemail
  • - Variety Of Strategies
Motorxloo integrated our CRM not only with phone, but SMS and Live Chat. We provide your dealership with instant visibility of who is contacting your dealership, by integrating data to the CRM in real time. Your inbound and outbound phone calls, emails, livechat and SMS communications with clients are stored directly into the CRM.
Our staff is dedicated to your business's needs for managing and scheduling of incoming and outbound calls, Mass-eMail marketing, Voicemail Broadcast and SMS delivery services.

Lead conversion starts and ends at your CRM

Customer Relationship Management
Motorxloo's Lead distribution is suitable for collecting and routing leads within your dealership. Centralize the lead capture from website landing pages. Don't let another lead slip through the cracks. Leads are given instant attention.

You can send and get emails from CRM in real time. You will be able to see the history of all emails and set the priority of every lead. When new Leads arrive the CRM distributes them between selected sales managers.

Sales managers can easily assign the limits of leads sales persons should receive. You monitor your sales staff performance and compare the overall team productivity. Dive into details and check the break down of visits, calls and emails by sales people or regions and set your sales people goals accordingly.

Access your client's contact either on your desktop, tablet or smartphone 24/7. Have greater impact on your business's processes. Motorxloo provides the system that is flexible to meet your changing needs.
Customer Relationship Management
Key Features
  • Dashlets on Home page
  • Dashboard Reports
  • Opportunities
  • Cases
  • Targets
  • Leads
  • Contact
  • Campaigns*
Leads Management
  • Create Lead
  • Convert to Contacts and Accounts
  • Full Search Capability
  • Assign to Users
  • Leads directly from your Website, and
  • Mass Update
  • Manage Leads Status
  • Activities History
  • Import
  • Export
Track Activities
  • Calls
  • Meetings
  • Tasks
  • Create Notes or Attachments
  • Inline Emails
  • Email Templates
  • Today
  • Import
Campaign Performance*
  • Campaigns
  • Target Lists
  • Targets
  • Import Targets
  • Email Templates
  • Mass Mail Reporting
*Part of Managed Services
Do you need help managing leads, creating mass mail campaigns, importing data files or any of the dozen of features within the CRM? Then take advantage of our concierge service that provides a dedicated CRM specialist that will work with you to design, implement and manage all of your advertising campaigns.
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