Mobile Websites for Car Dealers

Mobile Websites

Mobile sites for car dealers has quickly become one of the most utilized means by which consumers shop for a new car. Each month there is an increasing amount of people switching from PCs to tablets and mobile devices to browse the Internet. Soon there will be more mobile devices on the Earth than people!

The importance of having a mobile website that is not only customizable, user friendly and SEO optimized (meet and exceeds Googles compliance) cannot be overstated.

Our Mobile Pro™ version has been designed to keep customers engaged by providing information they require quickly and seemlessly from any smartphone or tablet device.

Mobile websites
With mobile compatible sites you will get:
  • Multi-platform mobile website.
    Which is suitable for every screen resolution. Your customers can easily visit your inventory from any devices.

  • All MobilePro™ websites are optimized with the slideshow.
    Keep customers engaged through banner ads and slideshow promotions.

  • Social & video synchronization helps to advertice your dealership.
    Sync with dealership’s YouTube Channel and provides access to vehicle videos. You can also share your inventory easily on your Facebook or Twitter accounts.
  • Promote "Featured" listings on the homepage.
    To highlight aged units and special offers to keep visitors on your website longer.

  • Customers can easily contact their dealerships with "Click to Call" icons.
    Let your prospects contact sales person they want and ask everything right away. No need to dial the number, our feature will do it for you.

  • Quick search form system.
    Users can quickly search by price, year, make and model or view all inventory with one finger.
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Mobile Websites for Car Dealers
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Mobile Websites for Car Dealers
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Mobile Websites for Car Dealers
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Mobile Websites for Car Dealers
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Mobile Websites for Car Dealers
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Mobile Websites for Car Dealers
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