Vehicle Inspection Report™

Vehicle Inspection Report™
Increase Revenue & Consumer Confidence!
Traditionally, vehicle inspections were with pen and paper, often resulting in inconsistent and/or incomplete recording, reporting and tracking of a vehicle condition.

Our Vehicle Inspection Report™ software transforms the old, paper-based vehicle inspection process into a “real-time” data stream that provides storage, reporting and data distribution capabilities your auction needs to be competitive in today's market.
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Average increase in sales for Auctions who provide a CR using VIR

Lost revenue from not providing a "Vehicle Inspection Report":

Vehicle Inspection = R35(average) x 400 units (average/month) = R14,000 / month
Lost sales due to lack of CR (65 units x R375 (average sale fee)) = R24,375 / month

Total revenue loss per month (estimated) = R38,375 / month

* Please note all numbers are based on real live auction data from our clients who utilize the VIR to remarket their dealers inventory.

Benefits of Vehicle Inspection Report™ - VIR™:

  • Build consumer confidence by providing highly accurate and detailed information about the true condition of the vehicle.
  • Attract “non local” buyers.
  • Reduce post sale complaints and arbitration claims.
  • Remarket the vehicles on the most popular auctions like OVE, Adesa and SmartAuction.
  • Increase sales as a direct result of providing the transparency dealers need to make informed decisions.
  • Generate additional revenues by offering on and offsite Vehicle Inspections.

Features of VIR™:

  • Patent pending GUI interface that reduces the time to upload a comprehensive vehicle inspection to all three auctions to under 20min/vehicle average (Live on OVE, Adesa and SmartAuction)*.
  • VIN decode scanner either via 2d or 3d barcode scanner**.
  • Manually add or edit vehicle options.
  • Choose facilitator location.
  • Choose physical location of vehicle.
  • On the fly or bulk image upload capability.
  • Ability to attach photos to specific damaged areas.
  • Enter vehicle details and recovery information.
  • Enter pricing information (starting bid, floor price, bid increment, buy now price).
  • Choose start time/end time.
  • Choose category (as is, as described, front line ready, NIADA certified program or OEM-CPO eligible).
  • Weighed vehicle grading system increases dealer confidence (similar to Manheim).
  • Admin dashboard that allows users the ability to manage all inventory .
  • User access controls limits puts you control of who can view, update and assign a VIR™.
Step 1: Scan & decode VIN
Upload vehicle options, specs and assign images to highlight damage and severity.
Display overall grading of vehicle to provide dealers with a snapshot  of the vehicles overall condition.
Enter pricing information, start / end dates then simply push your inventory instantly to the online auctions.
Increase sales, improve reputation

* The level of detail our VIR™ provides is not available with any other system on the market today.

** Our software is designed to work on a number of different platforms and devices some of which utilize built in 2d or 3d barcode scanners or externally connected via Bluetooth.

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