Classified Posting Service

Classified Posting Service

Autoxloo provides dealerships with classified posting services designed for automotive Internet marketing. Using our fully managed Automated DMS services, posting classifieds ads has never been so easy! We are pushing your vehicle inventory to multiple online listing sites that is why more dealerships are switching to the Autoxloo Dealer Management Solutions. For every dealer who is doing advertising, we are ready to distribute eye-catching design and attention-grabbing graphic content.

Use eBay to let millions of customers around the country see your listing or focus your selling locally. Showcase your vehicle inventory on Backpage, second largest classified ad listing service on the Internet. And of course, don't forget about the first one – Craigslist, that has become one of the biggest lead conversions in the automotive industry.

Using our DMS you have all important info about a car in one place, you can preview your ads or even automatically post it directly from the DMS to Craigslist. Even more you can put Craigslist tag on required vehicles via DMS and show us what vehicles to post.

Of course, there is much more that goes on behind the scenes and that is why our clients are able to dominate their area and stay one step ahead of the competition. Give us a call and see for yourself!

Classified Posting Service
Classified Posting Service - Key Features
Key Features
  • Posted daily or couple times in month (up to you)
  • Display full price or a calculated monthly payment
  • Customized images of vehicles (QR code, contact info, dealership's logo)
  • Dynamic landing pages based on vehicle details
  • Ads posted manually to ensure highest level of accuracy and consistency or automatically to save your time
  • URL from your dealer website in your ads
  • New vehicles added to the inventory will be uploaded within 24 hours
  • Ad reporting: see how many prospects come to your site from the ad
  • Call tracking number with voice record
  • Competitive cost per post
  • Multi state and region capability
  • Text and email notifications
  • Leads forwarded to any CRM (support ADF 1.0 XML / Plain text)
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